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Find Here Stats about JavaScript Libraries and Constructs, Use of Content Security Policy, HTTPOnly and Secure Cookies, and many more

The results presented here are extracted from a large-scale crawl and analysis of the top 10,000 Alexa sites

Bellow, we guide you through how to use the menu of this site in order to find the information you need

  1. A. Popular JavaScript Libraries

    In this menu, you find the top most popular JavaScript Libraries, their impact, inclusion' evolution,...
  2. B. JavaScript Constructs used in top sites' scripts

    This menu presents statistics about the usage of different JavaScript constructs in top sites inline and remote scripts, including
    • The average occurrence of a construct
    • The popularity of constructs among top sites'scripts
    • The impact of constructs among top sites'scripts
    • You can also parse your own JavaScript library and compare its constructs with the constructs in top scripts
  3. C. Use of Content Security Policy and Cookies

    In this menu, find out how many sites are using Content Security Policy, as well as HTTPOnly and Secure Cookies.
  4. D. Statistics by site

    This menu displays a list of top sites and their data such as
    • List of libraries on the sites
    • Use of Content Security Policy, HTTPOnly or Secure Cookies in the site's homepage
    • JavaScript constructs in the site's inline, internal, related and remote scripts...
  5. E. CSP Violations

    This menu displays sites that have a CSP, and more importantly, those which present some CSP violations
    • List of sites with CSP
    • Pages with CSP violations
    • Details of CSP violations
  6. F. Formulas

    Formulas used to calculate the statistics presented in this application